Fish Farming

As well as the treatment tarpaulins, we supply the fish farming industry with various products that is vital to keep a fish farm running smoothly. If you require a product that is not listed please give us a call or email to discuss your requirements.

Brailer Bags

The brail bags are for moving our broodstock salmon from the cage into tanks on the back of a lorry.

The lorry sits on our big boat and we use the crane on the boat to collect the fish with the brail bag and then lift them into the tanks on the lorry.

The broodstock need to come out of the sea to go ashore to our freshwater hatcheries so the eggs can be taken from the fish to produce more salmon.

The brail bag is also used to vaccinate the broodstock . This is done in the same way as above but this time a stainless steel table is used instead of a lorry. The fish are dropped onto the table and they are then jagged with the vaccine.