Custom Covers

A variety of products made from high grade materials.

Training Dummys

Our training dummies are manufactured using a 16ox rot-proof canvas with an inner core of extra strong nylon pockets filled with 8-10mm aggregate making up all body parts – arms, legs, chest etc.

Using a 30mm thick Flame Retardant Foam, this creates body simulation as needed for rescue situations.

All dummies have an outer cradle of Heavy Duty 50mm Webbing for guaranteed strength. A handle is situated at the back of the shoulders for ease of precession handling.

TM5 / Baby / 5kg / 0.70m

TM10 / Toddler / 10kg / 0.89m

TM20 / Youth / 20kg / 1.32m

TM30 / Light Adult / 30kg / 1.83m

TM40 / Standard Adult / 40kg / 1.83m

TM50 / Heavy Standard Adult / 50kg / 1.83m

TM70 / Heavy Adult / 70kg / 1.83m