Agriculture Tarpaulins

Agriculture Tarpaulins

A wide range of tarpaulins for farming and machinery

Agricultural Tarpaulins

Whatever the season, our Agricultural product ranges provide safety and protection for a wide range of machinery applications.

We can provide everything from shelters and large machine covers through to lifting bags and windbreaks. Ask us about how we can help reduce waste and provide protection.

Agricultural Products

  • Canopies

    All of our canopies are individually made to suit whatever size or usage that you need. We ensure a perfect fit in a wide range of materials with zips, pockets and windows included to provide dependable protection when out on the hills. Fixtures and fittings are also supplied.

  • Weather Protection

    We specialise in the manufacture of fitted covers to protect your valuable machinery against the elements. Everything is made to order to fit exactly as it should, and to provide the best protection possible for machinery and equipment from the worst the weather can throw. Company branding is available as well as hi vis safety awareness livery.

  • Wind Breaks

    High quality, long lasting protection for barns etc from the worst the wind can deliver. Air can still move freely with a wind speed reduction of up to 70%. Our breakers come with Heavy duty ratchets and straps to secure and provide great tension regardless of the size needed.

  • Poly Tunnels

    Single or Multi-Span Poly tunnels, made to your exact measurements. Made from hard wearing and durable weather resistant material. Our range of Single Span and Multi-Span poly tunnels are perfect for the and industrial project or for the commercial growing industry.

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    Is your tarpaulin ripped or damaged, it may be more cost effective to repair than replace it. Try our Tom Morrow Tarpaulin repair service which gives you quality repairs you can rely on to prolong the life of your tarpaulin. We can also repair many other items, please contact us for more details.

  • Ratchets, Ropes & Slings

    Our range of 1500KG ratchet and straps are designed to offer the user easy one handed tightening and safe anchoring of loads. We also supply strap padding to further protect and secure your loads.