Aquaculture Tarpaulins

Aquaculture Tarpaulins

All kinds of tarpaulins, nets and solutions for fish farming

Aquaculture Tarpaulins

Built for demanding environments, around the world. Our lice barrier-skirts, cage covers and nets are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards.

We use rot-free stitching and high-grade tarpaulin, nets and covers for our whole range of Aquaculture products. Our clients frequently comment on the durability of our products and the quality of the materials we use – saving them time and money.

Aquaculture Products


Treatment Tarps

We are well renowned for producing the strongest, most durable lice treatment tarps on today’s market. Our tarps allow more treatments and require less servicing. We offer them in a wide range of types (cone, pyramid, bags, wedges) and sizes to ensure all cage types, treatment methods and volumes are covered. All our tarps are made from custom spec polyester produced right here in the heart of Scotland and are reinforced with extra heavy-duty lifting straps, colour coded head lines and where necessary – stainless steel lifting rings. Custom specs are also available to suit any client requirements.

Treatment Tarps

coming-soon.jpgFresh Water Treatment/Storage Bags

Made to a very high specification and reinforced with multiple full span extra heavy-duty straps to accommodate the high volume of water they hold. Completely water tight with an overspray flap above the headline ensures our bags don’t let sea water in. Overflow outlets can be placed where required and any customer requirement can be catered for.

Fresh Water Treatment/Storage Bags

coming-soon.jpgParasite Barrier Screens

We produce the best quality and longest lasting screens there is. We use 100% non-degradable materials to produce a dependable product that can be relied upon. Our screens are protecting Salmon across the globe from the smallest of parasites and eggs. We offer fully enclosed or wrap around screens With or without floatation.

Parasite Barrier Screens


Feed Waste Cones

Made from our 350 gsm polyester fabric and edged with reinforced 900gsm pvc sleeve that sits on the frame perfectly. Allowing excess feed to be recovered cleanly and easily.

Feed Waste Cones


Cage Nets

We are able to supply netting to cover the whole of the aquaculture industries needs. From full enclosure cage nets to jump netting and protecting stock with bird nets.

Cage Nets


Lice Filter Bags

Manufactured in a wide range of specifications in 710, 500, 350, 200, 150, or 90 micron mesh to capture various sizes of lice and eggs and allowing easy disposal. 50mm webbing straps and reinforcements ensure that our bags wont let you down when the pressure is on.

Lice Filter Bags


Wrasse Hides and Curtains

With the introduction of Lump fish and Wrasse into fish farming we have seen the need to produce some form of natural environment for them to do their cleaning job in and in the most effective way. We produce kelp curtains and hides  in many differing configurations to suit any cage and arrangement. Please call with any queries or requirements.

Wrasse Hides and Curtains

Fender-Padding.jpgCage Anti Mortality (fender/hamster wheel) Padding

Our Own creation – padding  that easily wraps around the hard plastic cage rings to protect jumping fish from impact. Long lasting, easy to fit, doesn’t absorb water and can be cleaned/re used over a number of cycles. Our re developed padding is seeing a high reduction in mortality rates whilst having the smallest impact on the cages visually.

Cage Anti Mortality (fender/hamster wheel) Padding

coming-soon.jpgBrailer Bags

Made to a very high specification to cope the intensive use the bags go through and to withstand the stresses and wear that can be caused from such use. Made from our extra strong custom weave polyester and fully reinforced with 50mm lashing webbing – our bags last and stand up to the rigorous demands placed on them. All our bags can be made to clients personal spec.

Brailer Bags

quad-cover.jpgWeather Protection Covers

High quality covers made from heavy duty pvc to protect all the aquaculture industries equipment from the often harsh elements. We can protect machinery, electrical equipment, and vehicles to name but a few. Just call with your requirements.

Weather Protection Covers

Other Aquaculture products we provide

  • Cage padding
  • Shade nets
  • Bird nets
  • Electrical weather proof covers
  • Feed covers
  • Tank covers (also in black out)
  • Jump nets
  • Disinfectant mats
  • Harvest tents
  • Poly tunnels / repairs

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