High Quality Tarpaulins for the Energy Industry

High Quality Tarpaulins for the Energy Industry

We provide durable covers and tarpaulins to the oil and gas and renewables sectors

World-Class, Long-Lasting Tarpaulins

From oil and gas to renewables, we know the energy industry inside and out. For over 35 years, our team has worked in the most demanding of environments to provide high quality, durable and reliable tarpaulins to the global energy industry.

From port-side equipment covers to supply vessel and platform fixtures – turbine base covers to weather protection habitats – we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your project goes without a hitch. We can even provide materials for the vehicles that keep your operations moving along.

The materials we use are made for rugged and inhospitable locations here in the Highlands and are used all over the world. Contact us today to find out how we can support your energy business.

Products for the Energy Industry

  • Weather Protection

    We specialise in producing fitted covers to protect your valuable machinery against the elements. Tailor-made to your exact specifications, everything is made to order to provide the best protection possible from even the toughest weather conditions. Each product is fully customisable, with company branding and hi-vis HSE livery available.

  • Turbine End Covers

    Designed to withstand the demands of transportation and long-term storage, our heavy-duty PVC end covers protect in the hardest environments and can be tailored to your specifications.

  • Ratchets, Ropes & Slings

    Our range of 1500kg ratchets and straps are designed to offer the user easy one-handed tightening and safe anchoring of loads. We also supply strap padding to further protect and secure your loads.

  • Turbine Base Covers

    Manufactured from our heavy-duty PVC, our turbine base covers protect curing concrete from harsh weather and prevent non-expansive grout from drying out too rapidly. Every cover is custom made to your specifications, and is supplied in modular sectors for ease of use.

  • Winter Protection

    Long lasting, durable covers made from heavy duty PVC to protect all machinery and marine equipment from the harsh winter elements. We can provide full or half covers – simply let us know your requirements and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Cargo Netting / Safety Netting

    Close mesh, lightweight, strong, durable… these are the qualities our cargo and safety nets are known for. All our nets are reinforced, and come with eyelets and elastic cord all round for fast, easy fitting to secure loads during transport.

  • Lifting Bags

    Our lifting bags are known for being stronger and more hardwearing than any others on the market. We can manufacture bags to any size and weight specification in a variety of materials. Each lifting bag is tested by certified professionals, ensuring you receive the strongest, most reliable, and safe end product.

  • Securing Straps / Slings

    Our securing straps and slings are made from hard-wearing polyester to ensure loads are safe and secure. Any length of strap can be supplied, and various widths and weight strains catered for.

  • Welding / Habitat Tents

    We create custom work shelters suitable for indoor and outdoor contracts, manufactured in a range of materials from rot-proof canvas to fire retardant PVC. Access is offered through Velcro flaps, eyeletted openings or zips. Clean panels can also be fitted to offer increased light and safety.

  • Spill Containment Screens

    Our solid float PVC booms are an economical, universal boom for intercepting oil spills – that are suitable for permanent, stationary deployment on waters. Thanks to their fast deployment and easy operation, our spill containment screens are widely used on rivers, harbours, lakes, offshore oil platforms and other waters.

  • Welding Screens

    Made to any shape or size, our screens can be used with MIG, TIG, OXY fuel and plasma cutting applications. Sizing is 100% customisable – from portable workstation screens to full-room dividers.

  • Reel Covers

    Protect reels of any size from the elements with our high-quality reel covers, with built-in quick access points. Durable, long-lasting and reusable: our reel covers can always be relied upon to perform.