Health & Safety Solutions

Health & Safety Solutions

All types of safety solutions from straps to safety netting

Health & Safety Solutions

We have been providing  products to the Fire Services in Inverness for many years. Protect your employees and provide better working environments using Tom Morrow's high-quality materials and solutions.

By using the highest-grade tarpaulins and covers for our products – we can provide you with scaffold protection, webbing and strapping, slings and habitats. In the markets we work in and for our Global clients, compromise is not an option.

Health & Safety Products we can supply

  • Cargo Netting / Safety Netting

    Close mesh, lightweight, strong and durable. Our nets are reinforced, come with eyelets and elastic cord all round for fast, easy fitting to secure loads during transport.

  • Lifting Bags

    Our lifting bags are a popular product in the construction industry. We offer bags to any size and weight specification, in a variety of materials and are certified safety tested to ensure you get the strongest, most reliable and safe solution.

  • Scaffold Sheeting

    Our sheeting helps to prevent debris and waste from falling while offering protection for workers from harsh weather. Any size of application can be covered with specific re useable covers or we can supply material by the roll for self installation.

  • Tong Handles

    Helping to pull loads safely, our tong handles are stitched up in any length required and are finished with an ergonomically suitable handle for comfort and security.

  • Securing Straps / Slings

    Made from hard wearing polyester to ensure loads are secured whilst not being damaged. Any length of strap can be supplied and various widths and weight strains are catered for.

  • Welding / Habitat Tents

    Work shelters suitable for inside or outside contracts that protect workforce and equipment in the harshest environments. Made in a wide range of materials from fire retardant pvc to rot proof canvas with access points and clear panels for light and viewing. Call for more inf and to discuss any specific requirements.

  • Training Dummies

    We make dummies mostly for use in the fire training industry but they can be used in any training situation to simulate people and animals of any weight. Manufactured in flame retardant canvas and reinforced with heavy duty webbing means that these dummies will stand up to being lifted dragged and dropped all day long.