Renewable Energy Tarpaulins

Renewable Energy Tarpaulins

High-Grade tarpaulins for inhospitable conditions

Renewable Tarpaulin Solutions

Tom Morrow provide a wide range of products and solutions to the Renewable Energy industries in Inverness and around the Highlands.

Our durable PVC and our High-Grade Tarpaulins are used as turbine base and boat covers, lifting bags right through to weather protection habitats. The materials we use are made for rugged and inhospitable locations in the Highlands and throughout the world.

We can also Shrink Wrap many items – protecting equipment and materials from the harshest of elements.

Renewables products we can supply



The solid float PVC boom is an economical, universal boom for intercepting oil spills and other specifications. It is suitable for the permanent, stationary deployment on waters. Thanks to its fast deployment and easy operation, it is widely used on rivers, harbors, lakes, offshore oil platforms and other waters.

Oil Boom/Spill Containment Boom

coming-soon.jpgTurbine End Covers

Designed to withstand the demands of transportation and long-term storage. Our Heavy duty pvc end covers protect in the harshest environments and can be tailored to client specs.

Turbine End Covers

turbine-base-cover.jpgTurbine Base Covers

Manufactured from our heavy duty pvc material to protect curing concrete from the harshest weather and preventing non expansive grout from drying out to rapidly. Each customer has their own requirements for these and at TM Tarpaulins we meet these demands exactly, producing them in modular sections for ease of use.

Turbine Base Covers

coming-soon.jpgLifting Bags

Our lifting bags are a popular product in the renewables industry. We offer bags to any size and weight specification, in a variety of materials and are certified safety tested to ensure you get the strongest, most reliable and safe solution.

Lifting Bags

coming-soon.jpgHabitat/Welding Tents

Work shelters that are suitable for indoor and outdoor contracts. Can be manufactured in a wide range of materials to suit requirements from rot proof canvas through to Fire Retardant Pvc. Access is offered through Velcro flaps, eyeleted openings or zips. Clear panels can also be fitted to offer increased light and safety.

Habitat/Welding Tents

quad-cover.jpgTransporting Covers

We can help you get the job where it needs to be in the condition it’s meant to arrive in. We’ve helped everything from classic cars and boats to large scale water treatment works units arrive pristine and protected. Call us to discuss what needs to go where and we will help with the solution.

Transporting Covers

quad-cover.jpgMachine Protection Covers

We have specialised in manufacturing machine covers for over 35 years now. General fit or specific tailored solutions can be offered in any grade of material with insulation also offered to keep things running in the harshest of environments. Company branding can be accommodated, and Hi-Vis panels added for increased safety.

Machine Protection Covers

coming-soon.jpgWelding Screens

Made to any shape or size. Our screens are suitable for use with MIG, TIG, OXY FUEL and PLASMA CUTTING applications. Can be made to be small portable work station sizes and up to large scale room dividing screens.

Welding Screens

lifting-bag.jpgLifting Slings

We provide a variety of slings to suit almost any application. All our slings comply with with appropriate standards and safe working limits. We offer exceptional quality at very competitive prices. Call us with your requirements for more info.

Lifting Slings

cargo-net.jpgSafety Nets

A necessary product used across many industries. Our safety nets are manufactured to British Standards Specifications. Available in any shape ,size and weight to suit any need.

Safety Nets

quad-cover.jpgWeather Protection

All our covers whether Bespoke or off the shelf will protect and withstand the worst the elements can bring. There is virtually nothing we can’t cover with the best of materials and quality workmanship. Whether it is to protect precious cargo or create a safe working environment – we can help.

Weather Protection

Ratchets-&-Straps.jpgRachet and Straps

Made from hard wearing polyester to ensure loads are secured whilst not being damaged. Any length of strap can be supplied and various widths and weight strains are catered for.

Ratchet and Straps

coming-soon.jpgReel Covers

Manufactured to protect reels of any size from the elements and for long-term storage with built in quick access points. The industry operates in the most challenging of environments, so we supply our most durable materials for long lasting, re-useable performance that can be relied upon.

Reel Covers

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