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Custom Made 610gm Tarpaulin

Custom Made 610gm Tarpaulin

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Tailor-Made Tarps for all Sectors

The TM Tarpaulins workshop in Inverness, Scotland, has the equipment and highly experienced staff required to create tarpaulins of any and all specifications.

We make bespoke tarpaulins for a vast variety of domestic, commercial and industrial uses for a wide range of clients. Whether you want a music festival stage cover, a cover for a boat or car, waterproof protection for your woodpile or a heavy-duty industrial HGV trailer roll-over sheet, we’ll design and produce exactly what you need.

We use top quality appropriate fabric for your made-to-measure tarpaulin, and it will come fitted with all the necessary fastenings like eyelets and straps.

Our custom tarpaulin service is totally personalised to suit your requirements. If you need advice about tarpaulin solutions we will draw on our decades of expertise to help you out and come up with innovative ideas to assist you. We love a challenge.

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Industry Specific Special Tarpaulins

Although we can make tarpaulins of all shapes, sizes and weights for all sorts of purposes, we specialise in manufacturing tailor-made tarpaulins for various industry sectors:

  • Aquaculture Tarpaulins – especially fish farming solutions such as sea lice prevention.
  • Agricultural protective covers and shelters – for machinery, livestock, crops, and barns.
  • Marine tarps, covers, sprayhoods, sails and canopies.
  • Construction covers for tough duty like temporary roofing and scaffolding.
  • Energy industry protective and containment covers for inhospitable environments.

We also produce high grade all-purpose tarpaulins for home and trade use, made by hand to order.

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Custom Tarpaulin

There are endless applications for tarpaulins – from camping to containment, covers to carriers, and so much more. Whatever type of tarpaulin you need we’ll make sure it fits perfectly – not just the purpose but also the size and shape. That’s the precision you get when you order a custom tarpaulin from TM Tarps, made with care to your specifications in our workshop by experienced hands who’ve been in the business for decades.

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Made to Measure Tarpaulin

We’re proudly supporting Scotland’s iconic industries like fish farming and agriculture by providing made to measure tarpaulins to meet their various needs. Our Inverness-based workshop is a hive of activity where our crafters measure out, cut and create superior quality made to measure tarpaulins of all shapes and sizes for our wide-ranging clientele across Scotland, the UK and, increasingly, abroad.
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Made to Measure Tarpaulin Covers

Our tough waterproof and windproof made to measure tarpaulin covers are doing duty far and wide protecting all sorts of machinery, installations and equipment from the elements. Give us the specifications and our workshop will provide you with a hand-crafted made to measure tarpaulin cover for everything from your haystack or yacht, machine turbine or aquaculture waste tank, your garden furniture to your hot tub.

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