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Pioneers in Sea Lice Prevention

Sea Lice have a detrimental effect on fish health and welfare, and keeping them at bay or treating infestation is one of the biggest challenges in salmon farming.

Tom Morrow Tarpaulins has become recognised the world over – but particularly in our local Scottish aquaculture industry – for coming up with innovative products to mitigate the sea lice problem. We are also leading suppliers of a range of other products that assist fish farmers to maintain the health and safety of their stock.

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Research & Development

Our experienced team are constantly researching the needs of the aquaculture industry, liaising and working with major players both in Scotland and abroad. We are committed to contributing our expertise in aquaculture products to this industry which is helping to feed the burgeoning world population in the face of declining wild fish stocks.

We supply a range of Aquaculture Products

Our range of effective, rigorously tried and tested aquaculture products is ever-evolving and expanding. Just some of the range of products we currently supply are listed below.


Lice Prevention

We design, manufacture and install tough, durable lice barrier skirts, screens and cage covers to keep sea lice out of fish farming cages. We work with you to make lice barriers to your specification, no matter the size required.

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Freshwater Storage

Our high-quality made-to-measure freshwater storage and treatment bags are built to last, constructed from long-lasting grades of PVC. Our client testimonials consistently indicate that our cones and bags outlast other leading brands.

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Cleaner Fish Systems

We design and manufacture exceptionally successful kelp hides and curtains to improve the welfare and efficiency of cleaner fish – chiefly lumpfish and ballan wrasse – by providing a safe, natural habitat for them in the base of a cage or tank.

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Treatment Systems

Our durable fish treatment tarpaulins and bags, reinforced and watertight, can be made to suit your specific aquaculture requirements for the treatment of deadly fish diseases like Amoebic Gill Disease or Sea Lice infestation.

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Shade Nets

Our netting is strong, reliable and built to last a lifetime. We supply everything from full enclosure cage nets to jump netting and bird nets, protecting your valuable fish stock from predators and the elements.

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Waste Storage & Capture

Like any industry aquaculture generates a certain amount of waste which needs to be filtered out of the water so as not to contaminate or pollute the surrounding environment. We can custom make perfectly fitting covers for aquaculture waste tanks, ponds or settling basins.

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Custom tarpaulins for all sectors

Tom Morrow Tarpaulins of Inverness provide custom-made tarpaulins for a wide range of commercial and domestic sectors across the UK and the world, including Construction, Marine, Agriculture, Energy, Aquaculture, as well as all-purpose tarpaulins and covers for Home and Trade use.