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Tarpaulins for the Energy Industry

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From hot work zones to sub-zero undersea temperatures, from battering North Sea storms to transporting heavy hazardous loads – the energy and renewables industry demands the toughest of tarpaulins and covers to keep projects on track.

Being based in the Highlands of Scotland, where we’ve produced tailor-made tarpaulins for more than 35 years, our team at Tom Morrow Tarpaulins know exactly what it takes to make protective and containment coverings that stand up to the harsh, and sometimes brutal, exigencies of the energy sector.

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Industry Specific Quality Tarpaulins

When it comes to designing, manufacturing and supplying tarpaulin products to the oil, gas and renewables energy we know that failure is not an option. If our products don’t come up to scratch valuable machinery and equipment – and even lives – could be put at risk.

It’s a responsibility we are bear with confidence, because we know we provide the best crafted products fabricated with unbeatable materials by our expert team.

Like all our tarpaulin products, we custom-make tarpaulins, covers and containers for the energy sector to order, according to the client’s specifications. After close consultation we’re happy to take on and meet any challenge and find solutions no matter how complex the situation or how inhospitable the environment.

Some of the more regular commissions we receive for bespoke products in the energy and renewables sector in Scotland and around the world listed below.

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Weather Protection

Probably the most frequently stipulated requirement is for customised snug fitting covers to protect valuable machinery from the elements and salt water. We can add company branding and hi-vis HSE livery to our custom heavy duty PVC  products too.


Turbine End Covers

Our heavy-duty watertight PVC wind turbine end covers are designed and manufactured to withstand the demands of transportation and long-term storage of the towers, nacelles and blades of these cumbersome devices when they are vulnerable to damage from the elements and sea air.


Turbine Base Covers

Our turbine base covers are specially shaped and made in modular sections to encase the base of wind turbines during installation to aid the curing of the concrete grout and improve its strength by preventing it from drying too rapidly.


Ratchets, Ropes & Slings

Our range of 1500kg ratchets and straps are designed to offer the user easy one-handed tightening and safe anchoring of loads. Securing straps and slings are made from hard-wearing polyester in any length, width or weight strain you require. We also supply strap padding to further protect and secure loads.


Cargo & Safety Netting

Our cargo and safety nets are renowned for their close mesh, lightweight, strong and durable qualities. All our nets are reinforced and come with eyelets and elastic cord all round for fast, easy fitting to secure loads during transport.


Lifting Bags

Our lifting bags are known for being stronger and more hardwearing than any others on the market. We can manufacture bags to any size and weight specification, in a variety of materials. Each lifting bag is tested by certified professionals, ensuring you receive the strongest, most reliable and safe end product.


Welding Habitat Tent

We create custom work shelters suitable for indoor and outdoor contracts, manufactured in a range of materials from rot-proof canvas to fire retardant PVC. Access is through Velcroed flaps, eyeletted openings or zips. Clear panels can also be fitted to let in more light.


Spill Containment Screens

Our solid float PVC booms are an economical, universal solution for intercepting oil spills, suitable for permanent or stationary deployment on all sorts of waters. Able to be deployed quickly and operated easily, our spill containment screens are widely used on rivers, harbours, lakes, offshore oil platforms and a variety of other situations.


Welding Screens

It’s safety first all the way with our welding screens, which can be manufactured to any shape or size specification, as portable workstation screens or any other type of screen up to full room dividers. Our screens can be used with MIG, TIG, OXY fuel and plasma cutting applications.


Reel Covers

Our high-quality reel covers, with built in quick access points, are designed to protect reels of any size from the elements. They are durable, long-lasting and reusable, proven to be reliable and high performance.

Custom tarpaulins for all sectors

Tom Morrow Tarpaulins of Inverness provide custom-made tarpaulins for a wide range of commercial and domestic sectors across the UK and the world, including Construction, Marine, Agriculture, Energy, Aquaculture, as well as all-purpose tarpaulins and covers for Home and Trade use.