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Waste Capture & Storage

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The intensification of aquaculture as demand increases will mean an increase in waste generation from the farm production systems. There is thus a pressing need for efficient waste management on fish farms.

Fish farm waste is made up of many things – uneaten feed, chemicals (like disinfectants and antifoulants), medications (including antibiotics and vaccines), salts, fish feces, and dead fish to name but a few.

This unpleasant slurry, charged up with ammonia, nitrogen and phosphate, has to be collected, pumped away from the fish cages and treated to protect the environment both under and around fish pens.

Here at TM Tarpaulins we can help with this process by producing custom-made waste capture and waste storage tarpaulins to fit fish farm pens.

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Innovation & Development

The aquaculture industry is in a stage of rapid development and innovation as it balances the need for increased fish production with lessening the impact of fish farming on the wider aquatic environment.

Waste collection and storage is an important element in the industry’s development which is currently the focus of much research.

As industry experts with a workshop in Inverness we at TM Tarpaulins are ready, willing and able to take on ideas and create prototypes for waste management systems, so we urge fish farmers to engage with us in meeting their waste collection and storage challenges and needs.

We’re known for our superior quality lice barrier skirts, treatment and freshwater storage bags, netting and kelp hides – we can help with waste storage products too.

The Future of Fish Farming

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to simply allow waste to be flushed out of open fish cages by the tide. With more intense farming waste this needs to be managed with as much diligence as every other part of the aquaculture operation.

We work with leading fisheries like Mowi, Scottish Sea Farms, The Scottish Salmon Company, Loch Duart, and Organic Sea Harvest to fulfil the industry’s requirements for quality bespoke tarpaulins and netting products, proudly hand-made in The Highlands.

With research and development in aquaculture driving increasingly in the direction of closed and semi-closed containment systems to both protect the fish stock from lice and contain waste, we stand ready to provide the tarpaulins needed for the sustainable, profitable future of fish farming.

Tailor-made Aqauculture solutions

Tom Morrow Tarpaulins are renowned for producing high quality tailor-made solutions for the Aquaculture industry. We offer all types of fish farm netting; sea lice skirts, screens and cage covers; kelp curtains & hides; tough treatment bags and tarps; high spec fresh water storage bags; bespoke waste capture and storage tarpaulins. We also offer a quick turn-around made to measure tarpaulin service for general purpose waterproof tarps made of 610gm material. Call on 01463 220862 or email enquiries@tm-tarpaulins.com for more information about any of our services.