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The Foundation of the Building Industry

Without tarpaulins a construction site would be in a sorry state. Tarpaulins have a multitude of uses for builders and the trades, all basically concerned with protecting materials and equipment, keeping sites safe and acting as containers for various purposes.

Here at Tom Morrow Tarpaulins we’ve been supplying the construction industry with custom-made tarpaulins of all sorts for more than 35 years. Our regular clients keep coming back, although not all that often because the made-to-measure tarpaulins we design and manufacture just keep on working year after year, no matter how harsh the conditions are that they contend with.

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Our Quality Construction Tarpaulin Products

Our made to order construction tarpaulins and covers come in a wide variety of specifications for various uses and key applications on site, from temporary roofing and fencing to swathing scaffolding, curing concrete and catching debris.

TM Tarpaulins are hand-made using high quality materials, guaranteeing good value for money because they are likely to last a long time and unlikely to need frequent repairs.

Our construction tarpaulin product range is unlimited – we always try our best to meet any challenge and specification that our clients bring us. Some of our most sought-after products are listed below.

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Frost Protection Covers

We make made-to-measure frost protection covers to insulate all kinds of materials and equipment in sub-zero temperatures on construction sites as well as during transportation and handling. Our performance tarpaulins are rigorously tested in extreme environments for efficacy.



Insulated Covers

Available in a choice of insulated materials, we individually design and manufacture insulated covers or curtains to any size and shape specification for a myriad of protective purposes.


Hot Work Protection

We can supply all sizes and shapes of flame retardant tarpaulins and screens with special features like non-sparking eyelets and anti-static protection as safety solutions for hotwork areas like welding zones.


Safety nets

Safety Nets are essential to all aspects of the construction industry for applications like fall prevention, fall arrest, debris deflection and securing heavy loads. Our safety netting is made of close mesh, lightweight, strong and durable, all reinforced and fitted with eyelets and elastic cord.


Cable Covers

Waterproof, chemical and UV resistant flexible ducting can be made to order in various specifications to act as protective cable covers in tough conditions in construction environments.



Container Covers

Whatever size or type of container you need to cover, we’ll supply the tarpaulin for the job. Our container covers are custom made for each individual need so they fit well and come in the appropriate material with bespoke features.

Custom tarpaulins for all sectors

Tom Morrow Tarpaulins of Inverness provide custom-made tarpaulins for a wide range of commercial and domestic sectors across the UK and the world, including Construction, Marine, Agriculture, Energy, Aquaculture, as well as all-purpose tarpaulins and covers for Home and Trade use.