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Fish Farm Fresh Water Treatment/Storage Bags

Ensuring good fish farming practice

Good husbandry is vital to fish welfare, and therefore essential for good production levels, and at TM Tarpaulins we’re pleased and proud to be able to assist salmon fisheries in Scotland and beyond by providing the acquaculture products and expertise they need to ensure good fish farming practice.

We’re leaders when it comes to the prevention of sea lice infestation, and we’re also up there with the best when it comes to treatment for AGD (Amoebic Gill Disease) – another sourge of a disease in salmonids. AGD attacks the respiratory system of the fish, causing lesions that result in reduced gill function. AGD infected salmon are lethargic, have a reduced feed intake and therefore don’t grow as they should.

The Scottish Salmon industry has previously suffered significant mortalities due to AGD, which is a pathogenic disease caused by Neoparamoeba perurans.

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High Spec Fresh Water Storage Bags

AGD and other fish diseases (including sea lice) are usually treated with a fresh water bath for a period of two to three hours. This treatment is logistically difficult to achieve, and expensive.

That’s where TM Tarpaulins come in. Our experts are on hand with our high-quality freshwater storage and treatment bags to devise the most economical and efficient system for safeguarding your salmon stocks.

Our strong, reliable PVC freshwater storage and treatment bags are built to last – and according to our customers they definitely outlive other leading brands. You’ll have no sea-water contamination to worry about.

Best of all, our salmon freshwater treatment bags and tarpaulins can be custom-made to suit your particular fish farming operation.

Our storage bags work brilliantly at all stages of a treatment operation, whether the fresh water used is abstracted from an environmental source or obtained from a desalinator.

Innovative Technological Solutions

Aquaculture – the practice of farming seafood – is becoming ever more prevalent as demand for seafood products increases across the ever-hungry world. Scottish salmon has always been sought after as a highly desirable fish, so it is not surprising salmon farming is leading the way with producing technological solutions to aquaculture problems.

TM Tarpaulins works alongside Scottish fisheries to provide the means for sustainable fish farming and high level production. We are dedicated to keeping up with the latest research and practices in salmon farming to ensure we meet the needs of farmers.

We provide everything from lice barrier skirts to feed covers, and are always ready to meet challenges on your behalf when it comes to solutions for the industry to ensure fish stocks are raised according to the best welfare standards to harvest size.

Tailor-made Aqauculture solutions

Tom Morrow Tarpaulins are renowned for producing high quality tailor-made solutions for the Aquaculture industry. We offer all types of fish farm netting; sea lice skirts, screens and cage covers; kelp curtains & hides; tough treatment bags and tarps; high spec fresh water storage bags; bespoke waste capture and storage tarpaulins. We also offer a quick turn-around made to measure tarpaulin service for general purpose waterproof tarps made of 610gm material. Call on 01463 220862 or email for more information about any of our services.